Friday, July 22, 2011

Interlux Waterfront Challenge - Light Bulb Goes On!

Ever had a flat tire and we don't mean a flatire burger, we mean where you have to jack the car up and change the wheel.  Wow! that's it, it only takes a few strokes on a bottle jack to lift a car.  Why could that force not be used to crush a used oil filter?  Simple, right - well, yes, we just had to find a jack that would operate on the horizontal plane.

We were fortunate to find a 4 Ton bottle jack for under $20.00 at Harbor Freight that is designed to work on the horizontal and vertical plane.

Now it's back to sailing but with little wind the Sea Scouts practiced righting boats (Lasers) that had flipped.

You never know when you might need this skill!!

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