Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thks Interlux for the "Challenge" it's Making Us Step out of the Box.

The Sea Scouts met to go sailing but the weather radar showed a line of thunderstorms 90 minutes away.  So, plan B, we headed to Spitzer Riverside Marina to clean-up, paint and decal their oil recycling station.

It was a lot of work scraping and wire brushing but the black enamel paint went on smoothly. Mother did not have to worry about us getting paint on our clothes Skipper furnished aprons. As you can see from the photo below the crew finished just in time before the storm hit.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Interlux Challenge and the Copper Kettle Marina

Driving along Ohio Rt. 6 (Grand Army of the Republic Highway) had to stop in at the Copper Kettle Marina. Met with Lee, the owner, and explained to him about the Interlux Waterfront Challenge and the Sea Scout project. Lee was most impressed with the Sea Scout Ship 41 oil filter crusher.

After explaining that the Sea Scout Challenge was to help marinas meet the requirements of Federal law regarding oil recycling stations Lee requested four (4) "Used Oil" decals. The marina uses the oil for heating in the winter.  If you would like to request a decal please send us a note, we'll only charge for shipping!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interlux (Yacht Paints) Waterfront Challenge & SSS 41

Had to stop at Emerald Necklace Marina and see how they handled their oil recycling center. This is all part of  Sea Scout Ship 41's project for the Interlux Waterfront Challenge.

The manager, Joe was not at the marina but the employees were most helpful. They readily accepted an "Used Oil" decal and promised to have the manager touch base.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What do Drive Thru' Lube Stations Do?

What do drive through lube stations do with their used oil and filters? Surely they have the answers.  The Sea Scouts asked these questions in their search for solutions to the oil recycling at local marinas.

In a visit to a Lube Stop the assistant manager told us they sell their used oil and filters and that he could not help us further.

At Quick Lube, the manager, Chris was very interested in our activities with the Interlux Waterfront Challenge. He said he was a boater himself and that oil and filter removal was a costly expense for him at the station.  He willingly provided a half dozen used filters for us to experiment with.

QuickLube manager, Chris, was very helpful and made a number of suggestions.


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Friday, August 5, 2011

Interlux Waterfront Challenge "CRUSHED"

Well not exactly, what was crushed was an oil filter. First try with the Sea Scout designed prototype crusher was a success.

The close up shows the mechanism used to convert the linear motion of the piston into a rotary motion. A good description of the mechanics can be found here.

Here is John Henry cranking and crushing and easily destroying the filter in about 30 seconds. Sorry for the orientation will try to correct it shortly.

As you can see the filter was crushed and even the paper filter was squeezed.

The next steps are to add gussets and then look for used oil filter to crush.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Interlux Waterfront Challenge Sea Scout Project & the E.P.A.

Below is a copy of an email from Ohio EPA giving us guidance and useful information on crushing used oil filters.

From: Jeff Mayhugh, Supervisor
Hazardous Waste Compliance and Inspection Assistance
Division of Materials and Waste Management

As I promised here are some links to guidance and information that should help you in determining the applicable used oil management standards for crushing used oil filters at marinas.

If the boat owner uses the crushing device to remove used oil from the filter, they are not considered to be a used oil processor.   See paragraph (B)(b)(iv) of the following rule    If the crusher is centrally located at a marina for use by boat owners who are doing their own maintenance the marina owner/operator would be considered to be a used oil collection facility and must comply with the following rule:   This means the marina would have to register with the Ohio EPA and comply with the used oil generator standards for management of the used oil.  See the following rules:

If the marina owner/operator crushes used oil filters that they generate while performing maintenance services for boat owners, they would be subject to the used oil generator requirements.

Metal from either of these scenarios that is sent for recycling is not regulated as hazardous waste.  Any used oil generated from either scenarios must be managed as used oil in accordance with the applicable requirements in the following chapter of the Ohio Administrative Code

You might also be interested in the information at the following  link:

 Per Mr. Jeff Mayhugh, the scrap metal dealer will  be the one who determines the point at which a crushed oil filter can be considered scrap steel. There should be no free oil draining from the filter.

States are banning used oil filters from landfills, for example Wisconsin effective January 1, 2011 has done so. 

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Interlux Waterfront Challenge topic of Conversation.

Visiting the boat yard where our "new" flagship, a 1966 Navy 44 yawl, was being serviced the Sea Scouts had an opportunity to discuss the Interlux Waterfront Challenge with owner, Rob Morley.  We pointed out to Rob that from our research we had discovered that Federal Law dictates that oil collection stations should be labelled "Used Oil". He thanked us and stated he would put the decal on ASAP.

Details of  Sea Scout Ship 41 sailing adventures can be found on our blog.

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